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Jacuzzi spas

Jacuzzi JLX Spa with infrared technologyMountain Spa Doctor is the authorized distributor for Jacuzzi Spas in southern New Mexico. Jacuzzi Spas offer an experience like no other spa. As the best known and best selling spa in the world, a Jacuzzi Spa is the ultimate in build quality as well as therapy. More jets don't equal a better experience, but the right jets do. From the perfect mix of air and water to the careful placement of each exclusive jet on ergonomic seats, we deliver the optimal well-being experience.

Jacuzzi Spa's specially designed jets and seating focus on massage therapy to target specific areas of the body to reproduce many professional massage techniques. Uncover the power of hydrotherapy for natural pain relief and stress relief. Discover how to choose the right hot tub or swim spa features for you. Whether spending time with family, relaxing after a long day or finding pain relief, discover the benefits of hydrotherapy here -

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Dream Maker Spas

Dream Maker Crossover 740 spaDreamMaker Spas are ranked the #1 U.S. value spa by Trade Certified. The attractive finish with long lasting construction delivers Dream Maker Spas at a price you can afford.

All spas are built with our proprietary Syncrylic material for the appearance of acrylic with the durability of polyethylene. They are designed with superior insulation and heating technology for exceptional energy efficiency, keeping your energy costs low. Visit for more information.

Jacuzzi Massage chairs

Jacuzzi Massage ChairsJacuzzi massage chairs offer you a sanctuary in the comfort of your own home. With a variety of options that ensure your massage experience is perfectly tailored for you and your preferences, you can emerge rejuvenated in both body and mind. Choose from a 3D or 2D massage with optimal comfort that's customized to your body's needs.

Features include: XRail™ Provides an immersive full-body massage from your neck to your hamstrings while targeting major muscle groups. ShapeSense™ Senses the size and shape of your body to provide a massage experience crafted uniquely for you. FlexRelief™ Stretches and decompresses your body, relieving pressure from your vertebrae and promoting better posture. SoleRefresh™ Revitalizes your feet with a kneading massage that stimulates the nerve endings at the bottom of your feet. HeatRelief™ Applies heat to your back and waist, which relieves your muscles and joints while promoting strength and flexibility. Visit for more information.

Jacuzzi Saunas

Jacuzzi 2 person saunaWhen your body warms up, it taps into a variety of natural, beneficial processes that increase metabolism, improve skin, boost mood, eliminate toxins, burn fat, and more. Sitting in your Jacuzzi sauna is more enjoyable because of the lower surface temperature of the True Wave® Far Infrared Heaters. You’ll find the heat in your Jacuzzi Sauna® model gentler than most, yet more effective – overall a better sauna experience.

Infrared heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation...all in the comfort and convenience of your own home, at the touch of a button. It’s like having your own personal wellness retreat. Visit for more information.

jacuzzi Swim Spas

Swim • Exercise • Relax • 365 Days-a-year

Jacuzzi pro16 swim spasAre you looking for something a little different that will improve the quality of life for you and your family? Then a swim spa may be just right for you. Coming in 13, 16 or 19 foot lengths a swim spa can be your personal aquatic fitness center in the comfort of your own backyard!

Jacuzzi believes exercise and fun can be combined in the same area. That’s why they created three specialized swim spa models with additional therapeutic options like Infrared therapy. They are also an excellent way to get in shape! This line includes a Lucite® shell, and optional exercise equipment for resistance training and Clear Ray UV and Ozone purification which ensures clean water every time you workout or swim.

Swim spas should be installed above ground on a concrete pad and do not require the permits required for regular swimming pools. They are also more energy efficient and backed by an outstanding warranty. Visit - or call (575) 446-3664 for options and pricing.

Spa & Pool Cleaning Service

Mountain Spa DoctorMountain Spa Doctor is your prescription for a sparkling hot tub or pool. We specialize in repair as well as cleaning and maintenance services on all major brands. We are American Swimming Pool & Spa Association Certified. Member APSP. We serve the Ruidoso, Ruidoso Downs, and Alto areas as well as other parts of Lincoln County.